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Readbook Foundation

22nd February 2024

About Us


-- About Us --

Readbook Foundation

Readbook Foundation is an ISO Certified Social Service providing organization registered under NITI Aayog Govt. Of India. 

We are a dedicated team of Lawyers and students of law to help the poor, underprivileged, needy, persecuted, Women, Child, Sr. Citizens, Minorities & Backward caste to protect their rights as well as to generate awareness among people about issues that concern everyone, from civil liberties to legal literacy.

“Readbook Foundation is going to guide people what to read, How to read and where to read. It’s very important for all human being in various age groups to know benefits of reading. As a person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read. Techniques of reading method and creating awareness will help students, young professionals, carrier aspirants and senior citizens to live there life with best quality and happily”

-- Our Leader's Vision --

My dream is help children become lifelong readers by empowering basic schools in the deprived communities with all the necessary reading tools and materials to achieve measurable results.

Mobile Libraries will multiply readers and exchanges of books too will multiple. Our aim is to reach to every person who needs to read.

   Mr. Kamesh Ghadi
   – Founder Director & President (India)


-- Some of our Certificates --

-- Together we can make a difference --

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